Club Facilities


We currently use the swimming pool at Archbishop Holgate’s School on Hull Road in York. We only charge £2.50 for an adult to use the pool during the 1hr session. Each session is covered by at least two lifeguards trained with the rescue skills required for SCUBA training sessions.

Compressed Air & Nitrox

We have a multi stage three phase compressor linked to a bank of four large capacity cylinders. This installation has the ability to provide air up to 300 bar.

In 2011 the installation was further improved with the addition of a mixing panel linked to two pure oxygen cylinders and additional filtering. We are now able to provide our members with enriched oxygen (Nitrox) fills. This is the only Nitrox facility currently available in the area.

All members of York Sub-Aqua Club have the benefit of free air included in their membership.

It is club policy that only trained members may operate the compressor and only cylinders that are in test will be filled.

Training Equipment

We have three full sets of scuba equipment and a selection of buoyancy compensation devices (BCD) in a range of sizes. This equipment is readily available for pool training and is ideal for use during the first confined water sessions in the Ocean Diver training.